Social responsibility

Kim Quezada

We are aware of the social needs in our community and one of our main commitments is to help any institution that takes care of our region children.

Asociación para los Niños de Tijuana, Also known as the children’s city (CC), it was constituted on 1992 based on the need to have a place where Tijuana’s children will receive aid, protection, development, orientation and care.

Science then it has been developing activities that contribute in changing the disadvantageous conditions that many children have. CC it’s a non-profit private institution that provides health services, assistance, protection and development to the less favored children in Tijuana.

Kim Quezada® has been a faithful sponsor to this project for more than seven years and has seen the great deal of support that is needed for the institutions devoted to the attention of disadvantaged children. We firmly believe that they are the future of our great country.

Address: Alfonso Gamboa #14225, Col. Los Santos, La Mesa, C.P. 22000
Phone: 664-6220786
Director: Lic. Martha Beltrán Garduño

Emmanuel children’s home In 1990, a group of people interested on helping homeless children on Tijuana, led by Eduardo Mendez and his wife Ana Maria Diaz de Leon, began to support these children by giving them attention and providing food, from this in 1995 a civil organization was formally created which was called Orfanatorio Emmanuel A.C., this children’s home offers shelter to homeless children or children in risk situations that are taken by the local authorities and have no space to keep them.

With the pass of time, Orfanatorio Emmanuel A.C., was tasked with opening new spaces to take care of more children, due to this, in 1998 the organization opens the Casa de la Gloria which takes care of boys between 5 and 11 years of age. In 2006 the girl’s house was opened with the main characteristic of attending girls who were victims of sexual abuse and exploitation.

Currently the organization attends 90 children between boys, girls and teenagers, who have the opportunity of living on a safe enviorment where they are given the chance to attend school, learn a trade and were all children practice some kind of sport or artistic activity as a way to help their physical and emotional development. With the added bonus of being attended by psychologists, medics, lawyers and social workers.

Address: Obsidiana No. 5209, Fraccionamiento El Rubi, CP 22180
Phone: 664-6845408
Director: Sr. Eduardo Méndez

The Trompo Museum its and interactive museum focused on spreading science and technological knowledge to Tijuana’s children, their families and the city visitors. Trough experimentation, children learn to incorporate science concepts to everyday life and to better understand the world. It offers a well rounded space to promote development and knowledge in a comprehensive way.

Its main objective is to create vocations, encourage the imagination and creativity in order that when the child grows he will contribute to the development of the city and our country.

Kim Quezada has supported this institution since its beginning providing accounting, fiscal and financial services free of charge.

Address: Libramiento Los Insurgentes S/N Rio Tijuana
Phone: 664-6343476

A droplet in the ocean (Una gota en el oceano). As a gift from God to his less fortunate children, manifested in the people that have joyfully collaborated, the first stage of the home “Una gota en el Oceano” has been constructed.

This institution is the only one in Mazatlan that takes care of mentally ill and elderly homeless people, giving them shelter, food, clothes and medical attention.

Address: Bahía Magdalena 20, en la Colonia Rincón de Urías Mazatlan Sinaloa
Phone: 669-913-2455
Director: Sr. Eduardo Méndez