April 2015

Our events

By Nathaly Crespo

¿What to do this long weekend?

Searching for coming events this long weekend, here are some great options for those who don’t plan to travel out of the city:

Family Fair & Expo, Tijuana 2015

Mechanical rides for free! Food – Music – Entertainment – Exhibitors and clowns.

When:  From April 30 to May 10, 2015.
Where: Parque Morelos.
Time: 12:00 P.M.
Cost: Children – $30 pesos; adults – $40 pesos.

For those gastronomic enthusiasts, this event will be of interest:

Cultural Craft Festival, Tijuana 2015-

Family Event… Gastronomy – wines and beers – artisanal cheese and coffee.

When: May 02 and 03, 2015.
Where: Parque Mexico, Playas de Tijuana.
Time: 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P.M.
Cost: Free entrance.

For those who enjoy music and video games, you may want to visit this event:

Otaku Binational Festival, Tijuana 2015

Otaku Gaming Festival, Cosplay, video games, drawings, karaoke and much more

When: May 02, 2015
Where: Centro Cultural Tijuana.
Time: 10:00 A.M.
Cost: Free entry

For all you “Rock Stars”:

Why We Love Rock, Tijuana 2015

Groups: : La Ley, Enanitos Verdes and Vicitimas del Dr. Cerebro

When: May 02, 2015.
Where: Parque Morelos.
Time: 08:00 P.M.
Cost: General Entrence- $250 pesos. VIP – $900 pesos.  (Limited space)





Our people

By Dinorah Orduño



On this occasion I’m interviewing our beloved and esteemed colleague Dunia Maritza Luna Villalba from the Social Security Department, also known as the “sister” or “The Boss”.

Born on the 24th of March, the year remains classified as an “Interview Agreement” (A woman should never reveal her age). Originally from Los Mochis, Sinaloa and now a permanent resident of our beautiful city of Tijuana, like many others she came in search of better opportunities. She has two sisters that she loves. She had a very introverted childhood and a real disaster in sports. High Scholl redefined her and look at her now, she’s the soul of our team.

Her nickname “The Sister” as many of you know has to do for her faith in Christianity, She’s been studying for almost three years now to be a minister in the Christian church. On her free time, she is devoted to preaching and doesn’t sing that bad so she also belongs to the church choir.

Today she has become a great woman, very intelligent and a great sense of humor. She is a good friend and a great counselor she can give you great advice, don’t hesitates to approach her.




Surfing the Web

By Ricardo Godinez


Surfing the web I found the following interesting facts that can be of great utility:


Whenever you find yourself with the necessity to insert a sort of symbol or special character on an essay or use it on  a social network and it turns out that your keyboard does not have it, here is the solution. Copypastecharacter puts a large number of symbols we can copy and use them according to our creativity.


If your trust allows you to share any photo or video with others, “Snapchat” allows you to take pictures,  videos, add texts and drawings.

Call Timer

When you sign with a Cell Phone wireless service company, they provide you with talk minutes, text messages and some GB of data, but its hard to administrate them and not over use for additional charges, so, I did a little research for the most popular application to do this for you and found out  “Call Timer”, this tool provides detailed information of talk minutes, sent text and Data consumed by the user and helps you to administrate your monthly bill.


Recommendations of the month

By Magali Ramírez


I Personally I like to go to the movies and the last movie  I saw was “The Inevitable defeat of Mister & Pete”. It’s a Drama with great actors that include, Skylan Brooks, Ethan Dizon, Jennifer Hudson, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje , Jordin Sparks, Julito McCullum, Anthony Mackie, the film is pretty shocking  and as a mother made me cry. It’s about the survival of two children of a drug addict mother, in USA children are taken from their parents if the government proves that they live in a drug environment, if they rehabilitate they can get them back, if not, the children are put on a foster home until they turn 18.

The message for me was simple, have you ever heard the saying “Tell me who you’re with, and I’ll tell you who you are”. Sometimes this may not apply, however some situations lend themselves to act inappropriately.

Attitude: How we think we can trust some people and they let you down, separating you from the ones that will help you get to the finish line as a team.

Success: How you want to achieve goal and not having enough resources, tools and support you can’t achieve these objectives, or even the process to reach them is slower, however “it will be difficult but not impossible”.

Danger: Those that children face and we sometimes confront.

Example: Directly and indirectly we show our children however they don’t always adopt them.

The Teacher: as a child on occasions you can be more adult and responsible then a father…

However for me, it is and always will be the decision of each individual… Children are the parents responsibility and are entitled to decide for them, thinking we’re always going to be taking the best decision.

Well, I think that the messages will reach us all in a different way, I hope you like it.



Did you know that…?


¿Did you know that …?


Today we believe that white teeth are attractive, but on medieval Japan, white teeth were believed to be ugly. In fact, women painted their teeth dark to increase its beauty.






¿Did you know that…? 


When a dog sees his owner, his brain secretes the same substance as ours when we are in love. This means that if you abandoned him, he feels the same as you do if your girlfriend/boyfriend leaves you.


¿Did you know that the city of Varanasi is the oldest inhabited city in the world?


Currently known as Benares, it’s considered to be the oldest in habited city in the world. It is considered to be  sacred  and continue to keep their culture alive. It is the largest center of pilgrimage of both Hinduism and Buddhism. Archaeologists believe that it’s more than 4,000 years old.





¿Did you know that…?


Just looking at someone shivering from cold could cause a decrease in our body temperature. According to a new scientific research this is a phenomenon which has been known as “Contagious Temperature”









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