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August 2015

Our Events

By Maricela Torres

On this occasion it’s my turn to write and share in the “Our Events” section. I don’t want to miss out the opportunity to highlight what went down in our traditional “Summer Trip”. Without a doubt, this year’s trip was a very special one. It brought up, not only our artistic abilities but also our ingenuity and creativity in each of us.

Each team was given the task of creating a spectacle which we all enjoyed thru an excellent team work.

We could see each of the characters joy in presenting their act along with all the props necessary for their presentation. I believe that no one will be able to forget the parody by “Kumbia Queens and Agregados” inspired in our firms famous “STE” that each morning says hello with an email reminding us of our tasks, our schedule and our time control.

On the other hand, the team “Mixolineos” showed us their ability to dance singing along classic Garibaldi songs, and what can I say about the fit and perfectly drawn abs of the boys.

The caravan of artists presented by Fabian and his “Broad-Band” very well characterized artist showed us several rhythms, and last but not least “Los Heroes del Norte” team to which I belonged, alongside with my team mate Rebekah who came with every intention of winning presenting our artist to entertain the public to the rhythm of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Selena and Jenny Rivera.

Needless to say our beautiful and witty presenter Gaby Martinez, who this year got a little stressed out with the team captains because of their hard core competitiveness (hahahaaa). Every team desiring to win showing off their artistic talent and athletic skills, we really enjoyed a day out of the office that gave us the opportunity to learn more about our colleagues. Thanks to the event organizers for coming up with this year’s theme and making all the necessary arrangements so we can all have a great summer trip at Rancho Las Palmas.

Congratulations to all the teams that participated in this year’s Summer Trip in wich, we discovered that inside every accountant and lawyer there is a great artist willing to win next year.



Our People

By Marcia Martin



She is a very nice person, always smiling and with a great sense of humor; her name is Laura Aguilar Moreno, born in San Diego, California on October 22, 1988. She is the older of two sisters and her favorite hobby is to walk her dog “Toby”.

She joined the firm back in 2010 and is currently part of Kim Quezada LLC. working as a Tax and Accounting Assistant in our Chula Vista, CA office.

Laura studied Accounting in UABC Tijuana and graduated in 2011. During the interview I asked her why she chose this profession and she answered that it all started with her accounting classes in high school and since then, decided that it was what she wanted to study. She chose a technical career in Administration in high school where she continued attending accounting classes and strengthened her taste for this area.

For people that haven’t had the opportunity to know her, I can tell you that Laura is an excellent teammate and a great friend, always looking to help out others, very dedicated, punctual and a great listener.

Curious facts that I can share about her are that, initially she wanted to study a nursing career, but that dream came to an end very quickly once she realized her fear for needles, also, If you see her stressed these days, don’t take it personal it’s just because she is two months away from her wedding and in the middle of final touches for that great day.

To finish this interview, I would like to thank Laura for her time (which will not be charged to any ticket) and I wish her nothing but the best on this new stage in her life that is about to start.




Surfing the web

By Juan Tapia


UBER is your private chofer that is available in over 200 cities and 60 countries. This app is available for IPhone and Android.

A well-known app due to all the controversy that has been unleashed alongside it, but this app offers you to have a car at your disposal and has many advantages: It can pick up you up anywhere because it detects your exact location using the GPS on your phone and connects you to the nearest driver; you don’t need cash because the charge is made to the pre-registered credit card, you can consult how much the trip will cost and with the lowest rates. You can also enter the locations of collection and return to get a quote for your trip. You can share the ride and the fare with another UBER App User. Very useful in cities where it is difficult to find another type of transport or if you find yourself lost. Pickups are reliable, and after your trip, you’ll have the opportunity to rate your experience and to make additional comments about your driver. Your trip receipt will be sent to your e-mail along with the drivers name and ID so you can ask for an invoice.

UBER is available in Tijuana, offering five different services: uberX, uberXL, uberBLACK, valleX, valleXL

If you want to know more information about this app visit their webpage



Recommendations of the month

By Paulina Bogarin


Several months ago The Cultural Center of Tijuana (CECUT for its acronym in Spanish) has offered us several “Laser Shows” of different musical groups, such as the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, among others, the same that have left their mark on the music with the passing of the years.

I had the opportunity to attend Daft Punk Laser Show and I liked it a lot. It was a show with several representative images of the group that were projected with laser lights in different colors, accompanied by the sound of the groups best songs like “One More Time “, “Digital Love,” “Around the World”, among others.

The Cultural Center (CECUT) has great a Laser Show scheduled of one of grunge more important bands of the 80’s: Nirvana.

Some of their best songs include “Come as You Are” “About a Girl” “The Man Who Sold the World” and of course, “Smells like Teen Spirit”, songs that made this group very famous.

If you like Grunge Rock and you want to do something different, I recommend you to go and experience “Nirvana Laser Show”, which is to be held from Friday September 4 until Sunday September 27 2015. The show is for the whole family. Tickets are already in sale and may be purchased at the box office in the CECUT.


Did you know that…?


Did you know that …?


Mobile phones have become an indispensable item in our lives; however, according to a study from the universities of Bath in England and Texas in USA, people who use their cell phones while walking tend to shorten the length of their steps, as well as adopt a more stooped posture, which generates problems in the column.





Did you know that…?


Meals at irregular hours and working overtime make people resistant to insulin and may be prone to obesity. According to an article published in the journal Current Biology the working overtime and meals at irregular hours are a great danger to our health because they make people more prone to obesity, diabetes and metabolic disorders.





Did you know that…?


The lack of sleep affects memory loss and our memories. Therefore, those who deprive themselves of sleep are more likely to remember false details than people who have slept their appropriate hours. The study shows that five hours of sleep or less are indicative of the formation of false memories.




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