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Course: Permanent Establishment and Operation of Maquiladora

If a foreign investor goes to Mexico to set up a business, he must acknowledge the rules of Permanent Establishment (PE). Maquiladoras in this case, must abide by a number of dispositions – enforced from 2014 onwards – in order to avoid PE, not doing so, can generate an excessive tax burden with Mexico’s Tax Authority. The varied assumptions on VAT handling, become increasingly important, above all, taking to account that “Maquiladoras” are practically prohibited to make sales in the domestic market. This and other issues were explained in detail, in the training course imparted by Elias Quezada and Jorge Meza, both members of our firm.

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Training Course: NIF A2 – Basic Principals

When do you recognize a transaction? When is it revealed in the financial statements? What is an up and running business? These were some of the questions that were revised during the training course Financial Information Standards A2: Basic Principles that govern our accounting profession. As part of the dynamics of our new on-line training program, our expositors Josue Camacho and Pedro Zuñiga held an on-line course interaction and presentation, accompanied by short quizzes and a final evaluation also online. For a little more than two hours, our expositors were guiding our group of participants from our firm, with a completely electronic methodology.

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Training Course: Annual Income Tax Return and Deductions for Individuals.

Individuals may have different sources of income like entrepreneurial activities, salaries, professional service fees, rental real estate, dividends etc. and for this reason, during the fiscal year, provisional payments are done, either by income tax withholds from the payer or through direct payment of the individual. April 30 is the limit to prepare and submit your Incom Tax Return before the Tax Authority, which must contain total income, deductions and credits. This and other topics of interest were revised in the training course imparted by accountants Mario Jaramillo and Ricardo Godinez, as part of the annual training plan for the members of our organization. As always, with a high level of quality and dedication. Congratulations to all.

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Spring Event

With elements allusive to spring, a splash of color around the room and tables decorated with crepe paper tablecloths, Kim Quezada staff and associates held the firms monthly BBQ. This month’s team really showed off their great creativity with a beautiful decoration and delicious food complements. Although the menu is institutionally “Carne Asada Tacos”, we had a taste of the best tacos in Tijuana. Cake, Gummy Lollypops and Ice Cream complemented the dessert menu in honor to our coworkers celebrating their birthday this month. Thank you all for being a part of this great event.

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Course: Annual Federal Tax Return

Kim Quezada committed with efficiency and modernity, held its first “remote” training course yesterday on the Annual Federal Tax Return. With on-line course interaction and presentation, quizzes and final evaluation also online, we were able to experience that doing things different produce different results. Expositors Elias Quezada and Angel Morales, made interesting changes to the training course methodology and felt very excited with the results, the same as Kim Quezada’s staff that attended the course which were all very enthused for participating.

Congratulations to all.

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Course: Faculties of the fiscal authority

On our training course “Faculties of the fiscal authority” imparted by Vladia Mucenic a wide array of topics, related to the taxpayer’s obligations and rights, were covered. The fiscal authority faculties were also analyzed, covering the traditional faculties as well as the home visits and the cabinet review among others, including the new type of electronic inspection; regarding this there was a discussion of the different arguments concerning the constitutionality of the new depositions in respect of the electronic bookkeeping, fiscal mailbox and electronic inspections, the amparo lawsuit and the possibility for taxpayers to file one was also discussed 

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Course: Fiscal changes for 2015 and electronic bookkeeping

Even though there were no fiscal reforms for 2015. It’s important to get to know any changes to the different dispositions that may affect business directly. Due to the accountants Elias Quezada and Oscar Franco, in compliance with the annual training plan for Kim Quezada, conveyed a conference where topics such as electronic bookkeeping, fiscal mailbox, tax stimulus and electronic inspection were analyzed.

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Career evolution in the firm

Kim Quezada® is the only firm that offers a career plan to its associates. As part of this plan, some days ago all the personnel took the knowledge evaluation exam. Exam which compiles all the topics discussed in the 25 courses presented in 2014. With this and other indicators, we can guarantee to our clients, that our staff are constantly trained and subject to growth plans inside our firm. We also thrive for a just evaluation system for those who are looking to excel personally and professionally.

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Three wise men day

Today we gathered in the Kim Quezada® cafeteria to cut apart the traditional “rosca de reyes” cake. We are always surprised, because it seems that every year there are more little kid dolls in the cake. This time we already have a list (including a picture) of the people who fund the little dolls in their piece of cake and will be responsible of the coordination of our next reunion on Candlemas day (don’t forget the tamales). We would like to use this occasion to wish you a very happy Three wise men day.

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