December 2014

Our Events

By Vanessa Lucero

Despite the cold and heavy rains we had the morning of December 12th, the long awaited Kim Quezada’s Christmas Party was held, it is worth mentioning that it has been carried out for 17 consecutive years. Moreover, the weather in the afternoon improved in our favor and the girls in the administration department got an A (like every year) at organizing the event.

The event was full of surprises starting with a very traditional dinner and delicious desserts, everyone looking good, enjoying a nice evening where we shared stories of this year, as well as stories of those who left the firm but also left their mark.

The evening opened with a battle of carols between departments where Audit and Legal surprised us with a great show starring Ramon and Josue that performed collectively the “Burrito Sabanero”, congratulations on their well-rehearsed choreography. The Administration, Systems and part LLC departments delighted us with “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” and finally Fiscal and Transfer Pricing together they sang “The Bells of Bethlehem.”

After the delicious feast, we could not miss the words of thanks from the partners and their good wishes in these times. After that we continued with the long awaited gift raffle where the big winners this year were Angelica and Mario Jaramillo both wining a TV.

And of course, we could not miss the traditional piñata and the party which was great, while singing and dancing. We wish a merry Christmas with friends and loved ones as well as good wishes for 2015.




Our People

By Josue Camacho

PV_2014 (183)

This time I have the honor to introduce a colleague who I did not have the pleasure of knowing until this interview; she is Alexis Delgado and is 20 years old, was born on February 15, she is from Tijuana and daughter of parents also born in Tijuana, this is something that is not as typical as most people born in Tijuana are children of parents who were born in other states. She entered KQ on January 20, 2014, so she will barely have been here for a year the next month.

She is a student of the BA in accounting at UABC and just passed on to her 6th-semester (3 more and shell finish the major, you can do it Alexis!). She loves to read novels in her spare time, and occasionally watch movies, drama preferably in her house with her pink blanket, that she has since she was 10, and a cup of warm chocolate, if there a movie about a book she already read she will immediately watch the film to see if it followed the same story line from the book.

When she was little, in about 4th grade, her older sister read her the book “Little Women” because it tells very nice stories between sisters and they live many anecdotes, it also described how the sisters supported each other and shred everything, making for a fun and happy childhood, to which Alexis identifies with, that’s why it is one of her top ten books.

Her house is full of women, as she has two sisters plus her mother, she is the typical middle child in the family, since they are all three years apart, I am also part of the middle child blub that’s I’m already linking Alexis way better now.

Her plans for when she finishes college is to continue studying and preparing for certification and be a CPA and later save money to get her master’s degree.

She considers herself to be a bit introverted and remembers well that when she first entered the firm she learned and sat next to Ricardo because he considers him a very intelligent person which motivated her to perform better at her job, and so she has been making more good friends in the office who she also considers very good people.

If you want to know more about her I urge you to have a conversation with her, she is a very kind and wonderful person, only took me a few minutes to realize this, now imagine what a more extensive talk would do.



Surfing the Web

By Oscar Rangel


There is no doubt that technology and new concepts never cease to amaze; The Internet is one of them because you can access it numerous devices. On this occasion I would like to share a very well designed travel bag which is called “BlueSmart” is an intelligent luggage that simplifies the way we travel.

With BlueSmart your luggage will be safer when traveling; you can monitor it through your Smartphone and also has the following characteristics that would bring peace of mind to the user. Has an integrated lock which the user can remotely manipulate thanks to its cellphone application, it can to weigh luggage, incorporates a battery to recharge mobile devices, sends alerts if you are separated from your luggage thanks to its proximity sensor, it is possible to identify its exact location in case of loss.

It is compatible with iOS and Android and the product price is $450, a bit pricey, however those who travel a lot can get a lot out of it.




This month’s recommendations

By Marcia Martin


We are in full holiday season where every weekend there are parties, family and friends events. However, when these events come to an end many people still have vacation days left and are looking for something different and fun to do. My recommendation is the ice rink is at the Del Coronado Hotel, which has been running for 10 years. It is an outdoor activity and has a lovely sea view. It is a perfect place to go with family or friends, plus the cost is very affordable, about $25.00 per person, which includes one hour of skating and skates rental.

They also handle special prices for children under 12 years and groups up to 8 people. Business hours are Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm. The hotel website has the option to purchase tickets online to avoid queuing when you arrive, and you will only have to print the tickets and pick up the skates.

So do not hesitate if you are looking for a different activity for this time, take advantage and go ice skating and have a good time at Del Coronado Hotel with your family or friends. But hurry because the ice rink will be removed on January 4th.