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ERP Software: The controlling solution for your company.

What would you think if you saw someone trying to start a fire with a pair of rocks like in the caveman’s day? Or, what would you say to a person that still communicates through letters instead of email or text message?

Surely this person would be totally isolated from society and the business world. This kind of living would only fit a hermit living on the mountains.

Trying to manage and control company operations without the help of dedicated software would be a failure. This would mean losing opportunities, not being competitive by operating with high costs and inefficiencies.

Frequently we encounter company that are limited by not using the right technological tools, either designing custom made software that lacks the adequate support or the operations grew more rapidly.

We also come across companies that did not had the proper expert advice regarding their business and human resources process, failing when trying to implement new and better tools. This happens by wrongly believing that the system engineers are the ones that have the ultimate answer in the business area of the process, this area has to be analyzed in conjunction with specialist in the costs, human resources, finance areas, designing project leaders and fallow up protocols.

Another factor is implementing tools based on their cost, forcing the company to adapt to the solution and not the other way around. A low cost solution that is not suitable demands high labor resources and in the long term a technological lag, lack of personnel training, efficiency loss and lackluster productive and administrative processes. A long term vision is what’s needed in any investment.

An ERP system not only provides the structure, control and administration needed for the correct operation of the company, but also unifies the information of all the areas in order to work in the same platform and avoid information loopholes or divergent reports at the end of the month as well as allowing the information to flow in real time.

The system also gives us the opportunity of having a comprehensive “X-Ray” of the current company situation. The main advantage of this kind of systems are the analysis, statistical data and reports that they provide in order to take better decisions under a low cost operating scheme.

Actually we live in a world were technology is growing exponentially and cannot be set aside in our personal or professional day to day.

Here at Kim Quezada® we are offering the Kepler® ERP solution, which allows businesses to integrate and control their organizing processes thanks to its adaptability, its possible to have more efficient procedures and decision making.

Kepler® is an ERP system flexible and easy to use that adapts to the organization, helping it to operate in an intuitive environment designed with the end user in mind and that lets the company to innovate regarding their processes as well as in their information analysis, allowing the company to be more competitive.

For more information or a presentation regarding the Kepler® ERP you can send an email to fjauregui@kimquezada.com and we will gladly introduce you to its benefits and its cost that’s highly competitive with other bulky solutions that are not suitable for a medium sized companies like yours.

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Ing. Fabián Jáuregui Ing. Fabián Jáuregui

Encargado del área de Tecnología, egresado de la UABC como Ingeniero en Computación.