February 2015

Our Events

By Julieta Rodríguez

John Milton “The Hypnosis Knight” is in Town…

John Milton’s show has become a yearly tradition at the Tijuana Cultural Center.  The Hypnosis Knight (currently 2nd best in the world) provides a great show, so great, that tickets sell out really fast.

Hypnosis is a mental stat or a group of aptitudes provoked thru this discipline, usually manipulated thru a set of instructions and preliminary suggestions (by the hypnotist).

 Many people recur to hypnosis as relieve for chronic illness, anxiety, mental estate, gastrointestinal problems, even skin illness, this due to basic procedures which include relaxation exercises.

 I had the opportunity to assist a few of his shows including the one this year and I may say “The Knight” didn’t disappoint, with every laugh you can feel how stress reduces and you forget the daily routine in a healthy and funny way. This show is suited to all audiences, both interested in being hypnotized and the ones that are looking for a comedy show since people act really funny when hypnotized.



Our People

By Carlos Elizondo


This month in “Our People” section, I will be interviewing a very popular and well known accountant, but still     with a lot to share. So let us see what’s behind the calculator in the life of Yazmin Jhuzet Valenzuela Luna.

L.C. Yazmin J. Valenzuela, better known in the photography world as “Minddy Luna” (Instagram @minddyluna) resides in our beautiful Tijuana since she was 5 years old, originally from Cd. Obregon, Sonora the younger of 2 sisters and by her own account “Her mom’s favorite”.

A woman with a lot of character even at a short age, good principles, dedicated to her profession, natural seller (we are all her clients), in love (so in love, that she is no longer in the singles circle and  with one foot on the altar) and of course a great friend. Who doesn’t have a story with her?

Graduated from UABC as a Public Accountant and very happy calculating taxes month after month; focused on her goals and dreams that day by day push her to get up early exercise and get to work on time aiming to become a better accountant every day.

To my surprise, Yazmin has among others, 2 very high dreams; she wants to learn how to fly a plane and go skydiving. Who would like to accompany her?

Separating form the original format, and trying to give this interview a touch of improvisation, next I will ask Yazmin my version of a very popular questionnaire:

1. What’s your favorite word? Nobility
2. What’s your lease favorite word? No
3. What makes you laugh? Jokes
4. What makes you cry? Sharing my feelings
5. What is your favorite sound? A waterfall
6. What is your lease favorite sound? A Harley Davidson motorcycle
7. What profession other than your own, would you like to attempt? Architecture
8. What profession would you not like to do? Chemistry
9. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome




Surfing the web

By Christian Andrade


I am not much of a web browser ergo don’t know much of innovative technology , however in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing my research investigating the best Mexican travel sites and let me tell you they are great.

The Mexican government has and  in which you can find the best and most beautiful destinations to travel in our great countryif you’re looking for adventure you can find magical towns in great cities, the very impressive Mayan culture or simply enjoy the sun and beaches, these sites will provide great help to enjoy your vacation to the max and help you make the most of it.

In the last webpage I mentioned, they include great recommendations like the administration of “tips”, weather and even an activity calendar of what’s going on each state of our country. I could keep going on all the great tools and tips that the web pages provide but I think it’s better for you to find out for yourself and be amazed of how helpful these are.

Conclusion: Not all our governments’ decisions are that bad.



Recommendations of the month

By Beatriz Rochin


These days’ many people tend to manage high levels of stress, sometimes provoking sleep loss and frustrating the person thru out the day, affecting your work and day to day activities. Studies have shown that high levels of stress increase the possibility of developing Type 2 Diabetes in men by 45%, women become more sensitive to sound and the brain ages faster.

A part from this, there’s many other stress related consequences and mainly all of this comes from everyday situations at work and daily activities. To lower stress and control it, I recommend doing exercise at least 3 times per week; you can run or walk 20 to 30 minutes, play your favorite sport etc.

Exercising has a lot of benefits a part from reducing stress levels; it also keeps you in shape, helps memory loss, sharpens your ideas and develops physical strength depending on the type of exercise or sport you choose to practice. Nutrition helps, having 3 meals a day and 2 snacks including a variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, lactose products, minerals, calcium etc. Last but not less important, sleeping 8 hours in order to give our body and mind a good rest.

Recommendation for lowering stress levels: limit alcohol intake, junk food and cigarettes. Taking deep breaths help since it lowers your pulse, relaxes your muscles and oxygenates you brain. Listen to your favorite music to relax, talk you your family about your problems and concerns, see if they can help you, drink water every day, read a book; sometimes being alone helps you with your stress levels.





Did you know…?


Did you know that stress can provoke teeth Cavities?


Stress can lower defenses and lower saliva production in the mouth therefore acid levels rise affecting teeth cavities.




Did you know the most expensive photograph ever sold on an auction was bought for 6.5 million dollars?


Australian professional photographer Peter Lik, sold “Phantom” to a private collector for the amount of 6.5 million dollars, becoming the most expensive photograph in history. Prior record was held by Andreas Gursky photograph “Rhein II” which sold for 4.3 Million dollar’s in 2011.




left¿Did you know that right handed persons live an average of 9 more years than a left handed person?




¿Did you know…?


Penguins have the worst palate. Of the 5 basic tastes (sweet, sour, salted, bitter and umami) they can only taste 2 which are Salted & Sour; since their diet is composed mainly by fish, scientist can’t explain why penguins lost the umami taste.





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