January 2015

Our Events

By Ramón Guzmán 

Monday January 5th. was a transcendent day for our colleagues, since everyone had to take the annual evaluation exam of technical knowledge.  A parameter that integrates to the evaluation process at Kim Quezada and allows our firms associates to show their professional competence, knowledge and skills.

That same day, the audit department took the opportunity to conduct a small get together, since it would be one of those rare moments in which the whole Audit team is present at the office. This gathering was aimed to celebrate the beginning of the New Year, and to reflect and give thanks for the good things we left behind with the old year and clear away some of the stress that the exam left.

It all started with a light dinner “Traditional Mole and Cheese Empanadas”, which were not prepared by anyone in the audit team, yet all pitched in organizing this small and modest event.

Later in the evening, we concluded with a traditional toast where our audit partner, CPA Marcelino Fernandez, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work done during 2014 by the whole team, motivating us to continue taking professional challenges in 2015 and concluded with a toast.

Being one day away from the traditional “Día de Reyes” (Kings Day), we could not pass the opportunity to cut a “Rosca de Reyes” (Kings Bread).

What can I say? These are the little moments that unite us as a department. Time in which we allow ourselves to recollect memories of those moments we shared over the years working in the firm. It was a nice moment in which we noticed how our lives cahange with the passing of time, those who have more time at our firm, would be surprised to see photos of how they were then and how they are now; certainly work keeps them young and enthusiastic. That was a good way to end our team dinner, telling great stories.



Our People

By Yazmin Valenzuela


It wasn’t difficult to pick a teammate to interview, without hesitation I chose one of my favorite people Erick De Luna aka “The Moonchild”, “Macorina” or “Porci” (Each nickname has its own history) .

For many who do not know him or haven’t had the opportunity to socialize with him, I can tell you that Erick is a wonderful person; I’ve had the pleasure to know him for over 8 years and without hesitation he is my best friend.

He was born on February 21st, 1991 and is 23 years old (his birthday is approaching); for all of you that don’t know, Erick has a twin sister who is older than him by 1 minute; Priscila. He is fortunate to be the only male among all sisters and of course he’s the house “baby” being the youngest of four.

Erick likes to play chess and without showing off, he told me he’s a very good player, but hasn’t practiced at home because nobody likes to play and very few people know how to, so if you like chess look no further he’s a good rival.

He chose to be an accountant by the influence of his best friend in high school, because they were always very competitive and always fought over who was the best. Their slogan was “Where you go I go” and it happened that the two applied for a spot in the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC for its acronym in Spanish) and at Tijuana Technologic University, they both qualified for admission at UABC from where their graduated. To date by a twist of fate they both work in the same firm, not on the same team, but I can say it makes me very happy to have him under the same roof. He was telling me that if it wasn’t for accounting, he would’ve studied Mechanical Engineering.

Among his professional goals is to have his own firm and be an excellent tax advisor while on the other hand continue the family tradition, and have his own bakery. (Which by the way, the bread his family sells is delicious).

You may not think so, but he likes to exercise and among his favorite sports is baseball – of course he roots for the best team in the world the Boston Red Sox – he also enjoys playing basketball and watching football.

He would like to have a big family someday and nurture 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl). I can assure you that any woman would be lucky to have him by her side, since he is gentleman, kind, friendly, intelligent, affectionate and a very good friend, of course they will never be bored since he’s always joking around.

Thank you Erick for helping me with this little interview and to all of you reading this if you have the opportunity to hang out with him, you won’t be disappointed he always finds a way to make you smile.




Surfing the web

By Rocio Escobar


Translation software undoubtedly is a tool that sometimes has helped us out whenever we find trouble by not knowing the meaning of a word. Who hasn’t been through this? There are many online translators or applications, and of course some better than others. I think using the dictionary I more helpful since sometimes the text is to long for the translator to complete and imprecise with the use or words as it gives us an incoherent translation.

Today, I would like to make the recommendation of one of the best translators that you may already know: Google Translate. We know that google is one of the best application developers, and lately have given much to talk about with the acquisition and integration of two new apps to their translators. The first one is called: Word Lens Translator; this is an application based on augmented reality and is also gives you simultaneous conversation translations.

Word Lens app is able to translate printed text, to use this tool simply select the camera icon, once pointed to the sign it will give an immediate translation. One of its great advantages is that you do not need data connection and its able to support languages like English, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Spanish, among others.

The second and latest development is an application that can translate a conversation simultaneously between two languages. To use this tool you use your smartphone microphone, recognizes the language that is spoken and translates automatically for the other person.

The application is now available for iOS and Android, and thanks to its new integration into google translate application becomes indispensable for those who tend to travel a lot.




Recommendations of the month

By Beatriz Rochin


Have you started working on your New Year resolutions for 2015?

Each New Year that begins, we set different goals or objectives to be achieved, but the question is: Do we really fulfill them all? The truth is that proposing resolutions for the New Year is really easy; the hard part is to follow them and achieve them.

According to a study by the American University of Scranton, 45% of people that set resolutions for the New Year, only 8% fulfill them.

In order to not be part of the 37% that give up and quit, today is good time to start with the right foot this 2015, here are some recommendations that will help us fulfill our purposes and have a prosperous 2015.

First we must focus on achievable goals to avoid falling into frustration, because it can be very demotivating to establish unrealistic goals, as we generally tend to lose interest when we do not see immediate results.

A good strategy is to write the goal somewhere where we can see it every day, either in a post-it on the agenda, stuck in the mirror etc. this way by writing it down and thinking of it constantly will motivate us to fight for it, because if it stays in our minds the resolution becomes just a wish.

Sometimes we can be very reserved and don’t want anyone to know our resolutions but studies say, letting people know your resolutions is a good idea because it is harder to give up when you tell your friends and family what you plan to do, and there are quite likely to ask you about your progress, which will help you stay on track.

Betting the completion of the goal with someone, helps us to achieve it, since it’s been proved thru behavioral economics that money is a powerful incentive, it has been found that the chances increase significantly if there’s money to win involved in the process. This without losing sight of the goal itself and putting the monetary incentive in second place compared to the satisfaction of reaching the main goal.

We know that some goals are harder than others, but everyone needs willpower, perseverance and patience.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important goals in life and one that should be taken care of more delicately is happiness, because we have to learn to live and enjoy the present and value every achievement no matter how small it is.

Let me recommend some goals so you can add them to your list this year: healthy eating, exercise and getting enough rest. I can assure you that fufilling this goals will make your stress levels to be reduced considerably; you will enjoy good health and will start every day with great energy.





Did you know…?


Did you know that the sign “Welcome to Las Vegas” is powered by solar energy?


“Welcome to Las Vegas” is the world’s most famous sign created in 1959 by Betty Willis and Ted Rogich. This global icon is located in the southern part of the Vegas Strip, and has officially become the ecological poster of the city. Since, Las Vegas is one of the sunniest places on earth, the authorities of that city use solar energy to illuminate the most representative eco sign of the United States.




¿Did you know…?


Mexico means “navel of the moon”. The Náhuat “Metztli” (moon) and “xictli” (navel). The Aztecs pronounced it “Meshico”. The Spaniards wrote “Mexico” since the pronunciation of “j” wasn’t included in their vocabulary. When the spelling changed from “x” to “j” they started calling it “Mejico” but continued to write “Mexico” which is valid for the Royal Academy of Spanish Language since it allows grammar exceptions for proper names.




¿Did you know…?


During the Civil War, when troops returned to their barracks without any casualties, they would write down on a big board phrase “0 Killed” (zero dead). Hence the expression OK to express that everything is good.






¿Did you know…?


Swimming helps you exercise almost every muscle in your body, and that being against the water, the movement of your arms and legs strengthen your shoulders, hips and abdomen. This sport serves many people to rehabilitate them if they have a disability, as you bodyweight reduces in water and can perform various movements easier.





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