June 2015

Our events

By Elizabeth Talamantes

We are now in the month of June, the month of the promotion to reading. During the week of 19th to 28th of June, one of the most significant events in the city is carried out, in which literature is referred to; I am speaking of the XXXIII BOOK FAIR, TIJUANA 2015. Each year we are fortunate that our city performs this type of activity, where it is possible to lose track of time getting buried in the pages of a good book, to be a part of worlds of fantasy or real, which we can achieve with just a little bit of our imagination.

This event brings an infinite amount of literary works, many from which one can find new books with that peculiar new smell and brand new pages, as well as those that are falling apart; whether new or old, a book will never run out of style.

This idea emerged on June 6th, 1980 thanks to a group of local librarians whose objective was to improve and encourage reading in our city and give the opportunity to unrecognized writers to become known in the world of literature.

For the third consecutive year the book fair of Tijuana was held at the Cultural Center of Tijuana, where it was offered for 9 days more than 100 books, about 127 modules, 2 tributes, 3 presentation auditoriums, 170 invited writers, 15 spots for workshops, 70 workshops and educational activities, a small theater, a botanical garden, an esplanade, among many.

Each year the event pays tribute to a literary figure, on this occasion it was given to Mexican writer Beatriz Mirror, her narrative has fundamental emphasis on the status of women, the conflicts in her professional life, she said that her literature is a female piece and not feminist. Among her works we can find “La Otra Hermana, 1958 “, ” El cantar del pecador, 1993 “, etc.

If you would like to be a part of this grand movement I invite you to visit the site to check out the event that is to take place in the future.




Our people

By Mario Gómez



I had the grand opportunity to talk to our colleague Roxana Martinez, who came to the Kim Quezada family a couple of months ago. For those who do not know or identfy her, Roxana is part of the Tax team at the firm and seems to be a serious person, but I was able to appreciate out talk, that had nothing of that, but she really is a great person whom I was able to interact with pleasure.

Roxana is originally from Chiapas, but she is a Tijuana native at heart and has lived here about 17 years.  She is the second daughter of three, many of us may say she is the ham to the sandwich; and for those in the same situation, some may say that it is something “difficult” children, but I consider it to be somewhat of a privilege, thus we can get along very well with our younger and older siblings, since the age difference is not very significant.

Something that really caught my attention, is that in spite of the fact that she is studying accounting and working in the area, this was not the first option that she chose to study at the university; due to some “bad experiences” in high school, she believed that accounting was not going to fully satisfy her and decided to study science of communication. However, by destiny, a friend of hers invited her to o work with her at an accounting office, where she discovered though practice that accounting was not what she was thought during high school, and decided to take that route, fully convinced that was what she wanted to study and do.

Some of the hobbies of Roxana are reading and running. She said that she did not use to read much in the past, but that now it is something she enjoys very much and that pleases her.

With regard to sports, or her passion for running, Roxana in fact participated in the race of the Institute of Accountants along with a number of our colleagues; she told me that she will be throwing herself to the challenge to run the half marathon of Tijuana in July, for which has already started to prepare. I congratulate her because it is truly a challenge that requires a lot of preparation and dedication; I am sure that you will achieve this goal successfully.

For those who still do not know Roxana, I hope you have the opportunity to meet her, because she is an excellent person, very transparent, and she is not as serious as she seems to be. In the same way, I thank her for giving me this opportunity to learn more about her.




Surfing the Web

By Fabián Jáuregui

 howoldHold Old – Guess your age

A few months ago I ran across a site “How Old “that realty caught my attention due to a lot of talk about the site, as a lover of technology I wanted to know what it was all about. I will briefly explain what it is about.

Basically, How Old is a site launched by Microsoft based on the Azure Technology and other incredible algorithms that are in charge of guessing our age.

Its function is very simple, one has t upload an image of size no larger than 3 MB, afterwards the site will be in charge of analyzing and in a matter of seconds it will throw out our age. The result can be shared via social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Personally I did a test drive on it and it went over a year, which surprised me due to the close exactitude of it.

The project initiated with very few image, but the site must have millions of users by now who use this site in order to know if is able to guess ones age, I invite you to prove this.




Recommendations of the month

By Monserrat Gopar

mini c

Well, as the name says it all, Mini city, especially for children, maybe many of you have heard or have taken their children to this charming place where you can develop their personal abilities and skills.

Mini City is designed for the development of capacity to understand the world, think and learn constantly about curiosity, attention, observation, the formulation of questions and explanations, the memory, processing information, imagination and creativity and at the same time learn a little about the life of the adults since at this age of innocence one does not really care much about this.

In my opinion I believe this is a great place and the building is incredible and has the following: Streets, cars, buildings, a hospital, restaurants, a bank, a supermarket, and sites under construction, among many.

This is a place where kids are able to do it all, from buying groceries at the supermarket, to becoming a reporter, policeman, firefighter, doctor, work at a bank, or even drive a car.

I do not have young children to take to this place, but I have taken my little nephews to this fun place where one can spend many hours of fun with the little ones while teaching them in an entertaining way about the adult works.

The hours of operations are:

Monday thru Friday: 10:00 am a 8:00 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm


Did you what that…?


Did you what that …?


A cup of water after you wake up helps activate internal organs and a cup of water before going to bed helps avoid strokes.






Did you know that…? 


Various investigations, performed on the properties of garlic, show that eating it on an empty stomach is a powerful natural antibiotic. It is more effective when you take it at that time because the bacteria is exposed and cannot fight back, therefore being defeated.

Aside from being effective for blood flow, it also prevents heart problems, helps the performance of the liver and gallbladder as well as nerve issues.




Did you know that the worst time to drink coffee is during the first few hours of the morning?


You may respond that with a no. But then, the questions arises, Why is it that drinking coffee during the first hours of the day is the worst time? This is due to the high level of cortisol that is in our body in the morning, making coffee not the best thing to put into our bodies in the morning.










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