March 2015

Our Events

By Sofia Castañeda

At the end of this month, Tijuana hosted a Comic, Videogame and Zombies Convention called “MC-CON”, an event for all those Marvel Comics, DC comics and Movie fans.

This event is an opportunity for all the  Fans to socialize and dress up as their favorite comic character, villain or hero, buy collectibles and enjoy of the creative costumes made from different materials by the fans. At the same time this event offers a space for artistic expression and exhibition for local artists like sculptors, painters, caricaturist among others.

Last year I had the opportunity to assist The Otaku Festival, a similar type of event, organized for fans of Japanese manga and videogames, also showing off their self-made costumes, choreographies, songs, series montages etc. creating an atmosphere where they can have fun and enjoy their common taste for fantasy. My husband is a Dragon Ball Z fan and although he couldn’t dress up as his favorite character, he enjoyed the event and had the opportunity to buy items for his collections and exchange “Kame Hame Ha’s” with Goku, Vegeta and Gohan. The best thing about these events is that age does not exist, no prejudice, no criticism and your inner child has a blast, so if you share the same passion for these kind of events I highly recommend that you assist any future events.



Our People

By Sarai Haros

rochinOn this occasion im interviewing our coworker Beatriz Rochin from the KQA Tax Team, who very kinkdly and smiling as usual accepted to answer a couple of questions…

-¿Can you tell me a relevant story from your first day at the Firm?
I remember that Diana – who was an assistant at the time – gave me the welcome tour thru the building and we stopped at each cubicle and introduced me as “Mario Gomez New Girl”, everyone laughed because it sounded strange, and immediately Diana specified that she was referring to “Mario Gomez{s team new girl”. From the first day I started working here I noticed that there was a great work environment and the outstanding companionship.

-We know that you just graduated from UABC, what is your next goal?
Well, in our line or work as accountants, it’s vital to keep studying and updating on new strategy’s and reforms. My plan is to pursue a master’s degree on Tax or an MBA.

-¿Who is Beatriz Rochin outside KQA and how does she spend her free time?
I consider myself a person who likes to be busy on “something” all the time and now that I finished my career I have more time to take on my hobbies that were left behind. I like to exercise, mainly dace, some of you know I’ve practiced ballet since I was a little girl and I returned to the dance studios a couple of months ago mixing jazz and lyric dance, which I never practiced before and decided that it was a good moment to learn this different style.

-Passionate, enthusiast, always happy… Is there something that saddens you?
Yes, the Annual tax return season (laughs), of course there’s some things that can make me sad but I consider myself a positive person, I think most of the time I’m happy, I have the philosophy to enjoy everything I do day by day and to enjoy every moment in my life.

-If you could choose a destination to travel, all expenses paid for a week. Where would you go?
Where ever far away from the Annual tax returns (laughs again), I would definitely choose a trip to Hawaii, since I’ve always dreamed to go there and it would be very relaxing to get out of the city routine and spend some days on the beach enjoying nature and discovering different tradition’s.

-Last question: What’s your favorite article in the Income Tax Law? (Just kidding) Do you have a special book, quote, reflection that helped to define you as, you?
I like to read, one of my favorite books is “The four agreements”, for those who haven’t read the book, it’s about 4 simple rules in life that are really easy to follow but also basic to fulfill life as well as for emotional, mental and social balance, since it makes you understand that everything we need to be happy resides in ourselves and you don’t need any external influence.



Surfing the web

By Isabel Soto

phoneFor the first time, I get to write in the Newsletter and this month it’s my duty to write about “Surfing the Web” which I think is very interesting but a little difficult to write.

Let’s begin with a question. Who many of us haven’t bought a cell phone recently?, since these days apart from being a requirement to communicate it’s for many a work tool since cell phones are a technological wonder. We can read email, download presentations, and search the web among a lot of other things.

But, how do we know which cell phone is the best for our needs. Well for this, I recommend a website that helps us answer this question. The website shows you the features of various cell phones that are available on the market, its pros and cons; it also shows tablets features, accessories, news about new technologies, among other things.

The website lets you  compare features and functions in the different cell phone models, for example it shows a comparison of the screen sensitivity between the Iphone 6 and Galaxy S6.  The website offers a News Section, with sotires like how Nintendo is thinking about partnering with smartphone companies to launch a Mario Bros game for android.

 On this website you can also find tutorials about the different tools in cell phones, this is very useful if you have a Smartphone – that you probably only used it  to navigate through social networks –  this is the opportunity to take full advantage of these technological tools that this tecnology provides.

The website offers a friendly design, easy to navigate so if you are thinking of changing your cellphone, and buy a new one, acquire a Tablet or any accessory, I highly recommend this site.



Recommendations of the month

By Suely Lozoya

downloadInnocent Voices is a Mexican film, directed by Luis Mandoki. It takes place in El Salvador during civil war in 1980, based on thru events; based on the writer Oscar Torres childhood, where he shows us the reality, the suffering and sadness of the event and at the same time the happiness of achieving something that seems unreachable.

The story of a 11-year-old boy, trapped by circumstances that leads him to become ¨the man of the house¨ having to take care of his two younger brothers, after his father abandons them in the midst of the Civil War to go to the United States. During the decade of the 1980’s in El Salvador, the armed forces of the Government recruited children as young as 12 years old, dragged them out of their schools, homes or wherever they were. Chava is lucky, he still has a year of innocence left, a year before he too is recruited and forms part in the battle of the government against the rebels. Chava’s life becomes a game of survival, not only from the bullets of the war, but also of the devastating effects of the daily violence. With the love of his mother which is what gives him strength, and falling in love with a classmate, Chava finds the courage to keep your heart open and your spirit alive in his race against time. In the midst of the chaos and terror that implies to live in an environment so hostile and hopeless as that, Chava makes friends with a bus driver, a church priest, among others, and of course, always evading military service which has already cost the lives of many children.

In my opinion it’s cruel and sad story, but ultimately it is also real, it doesn’t tell us the reason for the war, it simply tells the story of 11 year old kid that survived this war and that had good fortune to escape from it all.



Did you know?



Did you know that, eating red meat in excess can lead you to suffer from the Alzheimer Disease? 

carne5Professor George Bartzokis from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States, discovered thru his research that the disease is caused by two types of proteins, one called TAU and the other Beta-Amyloidal. These Amyloidal plaques, destroy the body’s Myelin, which alters brain activity and leads to cellular death and the basic symptoms of the Alzheimer disease, therefore it is highly recommended to lower the consumption of RED MEATS.




Did you know that there is an Ugly Animal Preservation Society?

pezmarronThis Society took a poll on its website where the public voted and chose The Blob Fish from the depths of the open sea as the Society’s image, most of the animals that the society represent are endangered species.

This gelatin creature grows up to 30 centimeters long and possesses absolutely no muscular mass. It was chosen by the majority of 3000 votes inducted thru the webpage. The creature lives in the south east ocean of Australia and Tasmania. Hard to obtain since it usually lives in depths ranging 600 and 1200 meters under the sea; many fisherman capture it by mistake.



Did you know that, a person that blushes in considered more reliable and attractive to the majority of people?

sonrojarWhen we blush, it’s more difficult to lie to the eyes of others since it is a sign of sensibility to the social rule which we just infracted on. It’s really a sign of truth since we cannot control it. When you’re embarrassed, adrenaline is released, speeding up your heart rate and dilating your blood vessels to improve your blood flow and oxygen delivery. In humans, facial veins react to this adrenaline by blushing.

So if it happens to you, don’t trip chocolate chip, it’s not that bad; enjoy it and be happy to be attractive even if it’s only for an instant.


Do you know what the Umami taste is?

umamiThe human palate can detect 5 basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami. Umami is now recognized by a large number of authorities as the fifth taste. What is Umami flavor?

Umami is an appetitive taste and is described as a savory or meaty taste. It can be tasted in cheese and soy sauce, and also found in many other fermented and aged foods, this taste is also present in tomatoes, grains, and beans. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), developed as a food additive in 1908 by Kikunae Ikeda, produces a strong umami taste. Some umami taste buds respond specifically to glutamate in the same way that “sweet” ones respond to sugar.

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