May 2015

Our events

By Vanessa Lucero

“Jazz may”

This month our city is delighted with great jazz events, where its main scenarios were the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT), The State Center for the Arts (CEART) and “Revolucion” Avenue.

On Friday, May 8, in the Luna Forum at the CECUT, Rob Thorsen, Fernando Gomez and Steph Johnson performed, making us forget about the cold weather and filling the guest warm rhythm; kicking off “Jazz May”.

On May 16 and 17 the CECUT ,in its film library, showed Carlos Monsivais’ the cycle of cinema and Jazz. Among the films that were presented was the award-winning American drama, “Whiplash” (film that I personally recommend and Oscar winner for best supporting actor).

On Saturday 16 from 7:00 pm in the big screen of the CEART, was conducted the concert “Band Bang Jazz”.

The activities came to an end on Sunday May 24, with the event “Tijuana Jazz & Blues Festival”, where gastronomy and verbena could not fail as part of Plascencia Group; the show began around 12:00 pm in the Ave. Revolution, between 4th and 5th street. The presentation opened with an authentic “Tijuanense” band “Hola soy Lola” followed by foreign groups where the biggest standing ovation was for “Stoney b Blues”, “Los Hermanos Arango” and “Euphoria Bass Band” who closed with a gold seal below the stage to play among the attendees.

I had the opportunity to attend the latter and personally thought it was very pleasant and merely family, if you have time I encourage you to come and witness the upcoming events that will occur in the CECUT ,where for the most part, the entrance is free. (Attached below is a link to all the upcoming events)





Our people

By Erick de Luna



On this occasion I was talking with my partner “The Great Little Elizabeth Talamantes” our colleague in the legal department, which brings me to share some things that we didn’t know about her:

Elizabeth is a native of Tijuana B.C., has 2 brothers younger than her, one of the questions that I asked was, why did you decide to study Law? She says that she likes the gossip (kidding… ), the response was that it has many branches she likes helping people, and she simply did not see herself being a housewife.

Within her concerns she shared with me, she told me that the thing that really brought her attention to Law was all that is related to the Fiscal, she knows that it is good!

One of the questions I had the opportunity to ask was: if you would not have studied law, what other profession would have liked? She replied with “educator” because he likes spanking children (another joke on my part…) “loves children”.

One of her favorite pastimes is watching action movies, listening to music, enjoying the green areas and from now and then reading since she does not have time to go out to clubs or to dance, and by the way, one of her favorite food is Japanese, sushi to be exact.

Another question I was able to ask about her personal live was, how do you see yourself in the future? Which she replied with, “I see myself with a good job, one that allows me to gain knowledge”, since she would like to travel around the world and see the snow.

“What about starting a family in the future?” I asked. Getting married is not one of her priorities, but if the opportunity was given, she would get married at the courthouse, but she would certainly love to have two kids, preferably twins.

Another thing she mentioned to me was that she loves dogs, along her lifetime she has come to own various dogs, owning today a pug.

These are just some of the few questions I had the opportunity of asking Elizabeth. Lastly, I will say that she is a very fun and witty person and if you ever would like to have a nice time, enjoy it with “The Great little Elizabeth”.




Surfing the Web

By Alexis Delgado

 wattpad-logo-icon-unlimited-storiesI found an application that I want to share with you all, it is called Wattpad, an app for Android and IOS that you can install on your cell phone and is used to search for themes of literature and writing. The app includes books you can download completely for free, the best part is that you do not need wi-fi to read the books. Once you download them you are able to read them practically anywhere without the necessity of having to join a network since they are saved onto the app.

The same users can publish their own writings and interact through them, to the side of the paragraph one can leave a comment about the content of the reading. You can read what you image and sometimes even the author will thank its readers for them.

To begin using this application you have to select three readings, the options that appear are usually writings that users upload and not books of recognized authors. This is due to the application’s support to its users to share their writings.

Once you select three writings or books to your library you are able to start searching for book so fyour interest or authors that you already know. Sometimes there are brand new books that you are only allowed to read a few chapters of.

It is a very good option in which you can find various topics of interest, and what better way to spend your free time that in a good read.


Recommendations of the month

By Jorge Meza


It is a cold autumn night in the city of Mexico, our character misaligned and visibly tired sipping a drink of his Pepsi with lime while looking outside knowing that in the darkness of the night hides The Brain looking for his next victim.

In days of combat, Paco Ignacio Taibo II tells the story of Hector Belascoaran Shyne, an engineer that on a day decided to take a course as correspondence to become a detective, he left his job at General Electric and rents an office next to a plumber with a big mouth. The new detective does not have customers and is obsessed with catching The Brain, a serial killer who has been dedicated to strangle women in the city.

This novel was published in 1976 we dive into the idiosyncrasies of Mexico and its capital through the eyes of a man who gives a radical change to his boring life to get deep into the guts of the Federal District in search of a ghost, a change that at the end will collect its fees.

This is an easy to understand novel, almost as if the story is being told to you on an afternoon by the taco or taxi man, with easy vocabulary that allowed you to see in retrospect the Mexican culture during the 70s, with very memorable characters (especially the plumber that shares the office with the protagonist), one of the examples of political novels in Mexico and very well done with a story that keep your eyes glued to the text from start to finish.

A short book but highly recommended.



Did you what that…?


Did you what that …?


For sunburns on your body, one can simply put wet black tea bags and the burning will disappear.

As it is about be summer it is an excellent piece of information to know to avoid discomfort and enjoy a pleasant summer afternoon.






Did you know that in the nineteenth century soap was consumed to slim down?


Miracle diets have existed all throughout the ages. The ability to remove the grease from the soap, coupled with ignorance about the causes of obesity, gave rise to the emergence of “miracle” products at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Specially in 1903, uniting the proven power of the degreaser soap and the ignorance, the product “Parle” was created in the United States, designed to  “reduced fat without the need for dieting or working out”.


Did you know that there are more bacteria in a keyboard that in the toilet?


Recent studies conducted by the laboratory of Swedish origin, Pegasus Lab, indicate that the keyboard of a computer came out to save microorganism and be infested with an about of 33 billion of bacteria per square centimeter.

This amount of bacteria is more than 260 times that of the bacteria found in the seat of a toilet in normal use, because this figure does not even reached the 130 bacteria per square centimeter.










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