November 2014

Our Events

By Eugenia Mazariegos

Thanksgiving Day, the national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November by decree of Congress since 1941, particularly American celebrated in the US and Mexico, Mexico? Yes, it is also held in Mexico by some American families residing in our country and some Mexican families residing in the US. This custom dates from Plymouth first held in 1621 by the inhabitants of the colonies of that state.

The main meal in the  menu is commonly turkey. From when it was first celebrated to this day, turkey is an essential element in this holyday; However pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, plum pudding, pecan pie, etc. It is also customary, but once incorporating the Mexican style; some people actually celebrate with tamales, you see we as Mexican integrate into the American culture and as the saying goes, “when in Rome do as the Romans”, but in this case we do it our way, with our own recipes we have from Mexico.




Our People

By Emmanuel Díaz


Your name: Michel Ayala
Nationality: although looks like a Costa Rican model, she is 100% Mexican. Hobbies: we shall discover them below …

She has been a part of Kim Quezada for 6 years, although we work very closely, it is funny to find that one never fully gets to know someone. Where to begin? In her thirties, always positive and cheerful a mature and hard working woman, mother of two little angels, that balances both her professional and personal life (except when tax opinions are due, in that season we all lose our social life).

Michel has proved to be a lover of bachata (A Dominican style of dancing), and that is, “everything that includes moving the body brings joy to the soul” she said, and girls take note of that advise, it is one of her secrets to retain her radiating youth, even when it is tired and sleepy. “In tax opinions or work assignments season, 2 hours of cardio in the elliptical machine is a must” she said, also a delicious cactus with purslane and beet smoothie in the morning. This is how the years have passed her with subtlety! That leaves her the wisdom without those horrible marks every girl hates called wrinkles. Her assistants joke (I think) and say that she has stolen all of their youth (in the best sense of the word), to show just see a before and after pictures of Ramon.

She is a very friendly and charismatic person, if you wish to know her do not hesitate to speak once in a while, you will not regret it.



Surfing the Web

By Mario Jaramillo


This time it will not be the title of this section will not be “surfing the web” but “browsing YouTube” because I’m going to provide a channel from that web site that I found interesting, that channel is called “El Pulso de la Republica”. It is a very peculiar weekly newsletter that exposes the highlights of the week with irreverence, freedom and creativity.

But you may ask, how was this channel born? well … the channel was born just about 1 or 2 years ago, the creator is a young man named Chumel Torres who was famous for sending an “Tuit” that caused friction between two presidential candidates, and that’s the reason AND Politico asked chumel for his fist article, which is a special section on the CNN website, it was a project that would air in that channel, but was slow to launch and that’s when he decided to open the program with his own means on “YouTube” as others Video bloggers do.

“El Pulso de la Republica” has interviewed Denise Dresser, Gabriel Quadri, among other personalities from the world of politics; it is a means of jovial information in which you learn in a fun and satiric way, national news and even important events in other countries.




This month’s recommendations

By Sarai Haros


On this occasion the recommendations section is filled with night lights and party, after living one of the best experiences of the year I cannot recommend enough to visit this place; while in Mexico the long-awaited holiday weekend form the 15th of November to the 17th was going on, many others walked through the unforgettable Blvd., known as Vegas, also named Sin City, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc. I prefer to call it Vegas … because as the saying goes, everyone speaks according of what he saw at the show …

It gives me great joy to share this experience with you and whenever I talk about it makes me happy and I want to go back, I visited most of the casinos on the strip and not just to gamble but to appreciate the beauty of their architecture, in the case of Caesar’s Palace which is a huge building with 6 levels only for parking, every detail inside is full of luxury and sophisticated design, with art paintings and sculptures of the emperor; each Casino has its special touch that makes it unique, such as Paris, that from the moment you walk being night or early morning you feel is the afternoon with its dramatic lighting thanks to its artificial roof the blue sky and clouds seem real, you will never want to get out!

I was fortunate enough to climb the “Eiffel Tower” and to my luck there were “no cover for birthday girls” and taking advantage went in without paying a single dollar (being the regular price of 21 dlls). From a height of 140 meters at the top of the tower you can see the whole city, lit by hotels near and far, one of the best sights while being on top of the tower is the lighting of the Bellagio fountain, which turns every 15 minutes is just in front of the tower, the experience is unique and unforgettable; and did I mentioned that in the first tour of the strip I found 21 dlls, I think if I was betting if I would’ve won … it was my lucky day … so now you know, prepare an express trip for your next birthday and luck will be with you!

Finally I will urge you to visit this wonderful city, and not worry about what you will do while being there, because remember … what happens in Vegas … stays in Vegas! and I proved it… don’t having bad ideas, what happened was that the access to the freeway was closed and it took an hour to get out of the Blvd., and I thought I was never going to get out! I hope these tips serve you in your journey, I hope you have a great time, and above all don’t forget to invite me!



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