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October 2014

Our Events

By Alitzel Diaz

The most visited border in the world held a gala during the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of October, as the “Entijuanarte” event was held, a festival that serves as a platform for local talent promoting contemporary art.

In 2005 a proposal emerged to create an event in which the capacity that exists in Tijuana to develop and encourage artistic and cultural activities is galvanized. Over the years there has been a continuous show of talent that we have in the region, whether professional or emerging artists. This year marked the 10th anniversary of “Entijuanarte” also the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) completed its 32nd anniversary, so the celebration was big.

As part of the lecture series, presentations aimed at different topics were presented. One that caused more impact on the audience was the one that had as its main theme “Art and Culture of the border with children” which focused on programs that aim to integrate children in to an environment for developing their creativity and artistic abilities.

“Entijuanarte” reported that it had estimated 80,000 people to attend, whom would enjoy lectures, presentations of contemporary dance, theater, film and live music by artists who are starting their careers and other already consolidated in the scene, for example, “Los tres tristes tigres”, “Los angeles azules ” and ” El gran silencio”; during the course of the event around 200 stands were visited by over 100,000 people, breaking the attendance record for 2013 and exceeding the expectations.



Our People

By Michel Ayala

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.48.47 PM

This month I prepared the “our people” section of our newsletter, and as so I will share some from the interview to our colleague, Cecilia Ramos, a little on her personal life.

Ceci, as most of us know her as, is 25 years old, a native of Tijuana, a very smart girl that has a great passion for reading, which is her favorite pastime, she has read more than 100 books; her personal library covers about 50 books – I gave her the idea to rent them, so she can take advantage of the investment she has at home.. Don’t you think? – she has books from all literary genres, although she does not have a favorite book her favorite writer is Giaconda Belli, a widely recognized Nicaraguan poet and novelist.

Other things she likes to do is sow, draw, write and watch programs of general education; no soap operas for her. As a child, she herself made clothes for her dolls, she liked dressmaking so much that for her fifteenth birthday she did not request a party and chamberlains, her only wish was a sewing machine to continue making her own clothes – If only my daughters asked me for something like that.

To socialize with her friends she likes to go to the movies or to launch, she does not like is to go dancing because the clubs are places where there is too much noise- (Ramón do not invite her to Las Pulgas, for she will not accept, its best to invite to have seafood, as it is her favorite food).

As for sports, there was a time she practiced boxing as a way of getting rid of her stress and aggression. She even gave me a demonstration and has better punches than “La Princesa Azteca” – so beware Pedro, do not make her angry because in a blink of an eye she can have you on the floor.

She considers herself to be an intelligent person but is not very involved in the affairs of others and as of her social life, she doesn’t have much, but it has improved a lot and continues to work on that aspect as it has trouble relating to people, but once she builds trust, … she is loud and no one can stop her!.

What she does not love about herself is that she is quite nervous and a little paranoid. Well guys, now you know, if you want to read a book, wear new clothes or learn boxing, Ceci can help you out!




Surfing the Web

By Omar Gúzman

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 8.52.58 PM

Who does not know the “Yahoo! Answers” website? It is a place where one creates an account and can ask questions on many topics for other users to answer. However, many who have used that site have noticed that the vast majority of responses have bad formatting, bad spelling, or the respondents are not serious about the question. (Not to mention the many pointless or joke questions)

Today I want to introduce another website very similar but of much better quality. Quora is a website (English only) which was founded in 2009 by two former Facebook employees who felt that there was no any Internet site that would meet the requirements for this segment (questions and answers). Today more than 1.5 million users use the site, many of which are truly eminent in their fields. You can even find answers written by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Mark Zuckerberg, among others. And all maintained by a staff of administrators who ensure that both the questions and the answers are serious, with good spelling, etc.

Each time you make a question, you must add topics, and each user can follow the topics of interest that he wants to appear in their “newsfeed” (very similar to Twitter or Facebook). There are very general topics as “Finance”, “Football”, “Mexico”; to very specific on such as “bars in Los Angeles”, “Russian cinema”, “cancer prevention”, there are even topics for generic questions like “how does it feel to do X?” “What are the best pictures of X?” “How is life in X place?” there’s something for everyone. Not to mention that the site can help you a lot in the learning of the English language, both in comprehension, vocabulary, writing, etc.

Quora is, without doubt, an excellent tool for learning new things and resolve any doubts that one could have, regardless of the topic. It is available in browser (quora.com) or through its apps for Android and iPhone.




This month’s recommendations

By Victoria Fuentes


This month I was assigned the recommendations section, so I would like to suggest the book “The psychoanalyst” by John Katzenbach, a psychological novel that tests the ability of a psychoanalyst to prevent suicide following the pressure of a stranger; It has a very intriguing plot.

In short, the protagonist, Frederick Starks, is an American psychoanalyst with a long career behind him, who on his 53rd birthday receives an anonymous letter from a psychopath who knows his daily life in great detail. The author of the letter gives a period of 15 days for him to discover his identity, if he does not he must commit suicide or he will destroy his or a family members life, he simply lets him know that if he does not commit suicide, a family member will suffer horrible consequences, so the most honorable thing to do by the doctor, would be for him to suicide. All he knows is that the cause of such threats is revenge for some sort of damage that the doctor committed in the past unbeknown to him, and the only chance that the psychopath offers to save himself from death is to discover his identity.