September 2014

Our Events

By Gabriela Martínez

On August 29 the highly anticipated Kim Quezada summer trip was done, and personally this was the first time I attended and I was fully satisfied, because I had the opportunity to host the event and felt “like a fish in water.” The whole firm was invited to “Rancho Las Palmas” where the theme this year was a circus, including clowns, mimes, magicians, trapeze artists and lion tamers, healthy competition with the prepared dynamics was not missed; all participants wore very original costumes in order to show their hidden talents.

We were able to see our Partner Carlos try cut the head off Don Miguel in an act of magic, Sarai be a French mime, Mario and Christian as trapeziuses with very tight clothing that caused commotion, and great deal of very creative and funny characters. It’s worth mentioning that many of us were surprised by the skills on dancefloor and in football, as an example, Sarai apart from accountant and mime proved to be good playing soccer and Karla, Augustin, Michel and Ramon raised the floor with their dance moves.

We enjoyed the stay, some in the pool or waiting within the “substitutes” for the football matches, many others just having a good time.

At the end of the event, raffles and awards to members of the firm were granted to Oscar Franco as Mr. Kim Quezada, and Julieta Rodríguez was Miss Kim Quezada. The revelation was given to Omar Guzman (after the pool scare that he gave us), the Athlete award was for Partner Marcelino and the Funniest award went to Oscar Rangel (seriously?). To decide the winning team we had to make a one last event between “Le Cirque” and “The Payasonicos” teams, in order to break the tie between them with a dance-off, emerging as winners “The Payasonicos” with the professional moves of Karla and Ramon.



Our People

By Pedro Zuñiga


This months “Our People” section I present you a little about our valued coworker Miguel Angel Anaya Valenzuela, let’s get to know him!

Miguel Angel Valenzuela Anaya better known to us as “Don Mike” is 59 years old and is originally from El Fuerte, Sinaloa. During his childhood he devoted himself to the land, at age 7 he moved to Los Mochis where he continued working and started elementary school; he lived much of his childhood and adolescence in Los Mochis with the company of his favorite cartoons “Tom and Jerry”. At age 20 he traveled towards la Paz where he remained for a period of one year when he later he immigrated to San Francisco where he lived for three years, then a year in Ciudad Juarez and finally found settled in our dear Tijuana.

For a long time he devoted himself to enjoy life, his previous years in Tijuana were filled with a lot of fun, the taste in the music mostly from Los Yonics, Bronco, Los Bukis and many more, led him to learn to play the guitar, putting together songs and as the coordinator of a musical group getting to make presentations at various places in our city such as the Burocratas and Telefonistas Hall. For all this, he was known as the “one two” … since he indicated the entrance or beginning of a song with a “1, 2, 3 …”

Don Mike went through difficult times in his life; however, managed to recover due to experiences that made him ponder and grow as a person. Strengthened and with a great desire to live, he got what was coming to him … the doors of true love opened at 40 years old and after that God gave him the joy of raising his family with his two daughters 17 and 13.

Don Mike likes to eat seafood, is a fan of Coca-Cola especially at meals and he finds coconut water delicious ; his favorite color is the blue hue reflected in the wide sea, his favorite sport is boxing, in soccer his favorite team is Brazil, loves the spring, his favorite programs are related to Christian music, news and animals such as National Geographic; likes to hum songs while bathing and working, has a little over 5 years as part of Kim Quezada and he always carries his memories with him.

Finally I asked Don Mike what encouraged him to participate in the dangerous act of the most famous magician in the world “Magué Kimé”? – “I was not convinced, but the people encouraged me! Everything was improvised; when I was there they grabbed me and told me what I had to do it. When the magician began his act he moved my leg … I moved the box tilted and I tried to fix it, but if you’re a good actor you get in the role “-

I was not happy with second place because everyone cheered us! most everyone agreed who did a better job … maybe we failed in the games and dynamics … but … the trip was nice, fun and relaxing …

Thanks to all colleagues for considering me and always support me, for letting me take part! Thank you very much.



Surfing the Web

By Luis Aldape


In recent days the new iPhone went on sale (iPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus) in nine countries which include the United States, France, Germany, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and Puerto Rico, where thousands of people stood in long lines to buy the new Apple smartphone. So much excitement has caused the purchase of this new phone in Australia that the first buyer while being interviewed on a local television newscast dropped the phone to the ground while trying to open it.

In the first 24 hours the iPhone 6 reached four billion in preorders, the previous year for the iPhone 5S and 5C sale nine million phones were sold in their first week, the company may set a new sales record this time. (The record was surpassed in three days when the company announced it had sold just over 10 million cell phones.)

What is so special about this new phone?

Entering Glancing over the Apple official website offor Mexico, the first thing you may notice about your their new Smartphone is this: “The iPhone 6 is not simply bigger, it is better in every way. Bigger, but surprisingly thin. More powerful but incredibly efficient. It has a smooth metal surface that seamlessly integrates to the most advanced multi-touch screen and a sleek design where hardware and software work together. It is a new generation of iPhone, superior in every measure sense”

It is good to remember that any “new” characteristic published in non-official websites should not to be believed, as the most recent case on false information which indicated that the operating system had integrated a “Wave” ability to fully charge the battery of the phone by being exposed to any microwaves making a multitude of users, that wanted to test this feature, burn their new phones.

It is certainly a phone that many wish to have and hopefully when it goes on sale in Mexico (there is still no exact launch date) the price will not be too high in order to check the special features of this Smartphone.



This month’s recommendations

By Cecilia Ramos


This month I was assigned the recommendations section, so I decided to recommend a book but the question was, which one? I selected “Infinity in the Palm of The Hand” from the Nicaraguan writer Giaconda Belli. The narration is fluid; her poetry springs naturally while being necessary and inherent to the story.

The novel is structured in two parts: the first part “Male and female he created them” in this section the author speaks of the creation of man and woman, banishment from paradise, survival in a harsh world. While the second part is named “Be fruitful and multiply” and tells us of Adam and Eve’s offspring this section includes passion, jealousy, crime, lack of forgiveness, divine punishment and exile. The end of a dream and the beginning of creation.

The novel begins with the creation of Adam as he awakens to life “And it was. Suddenly. From not being to being aware of what he was” life is consciousness. The consciousness of oneself and everything around us which differentiates us from the animal kingdom. Then when Adam explores his surroundings and not being able to touch and fin a craft his hands. He needed nothing and nothing seemed to need him. He thought happiness was long and a little exhausting; he began to feel lonely. When Eve was born from Adam’s side, the experience of a unique childbirth that rose Eve to a mythical figure “he would later remember his body opening, the cut severing his self and extracting the intimate creature that until then lived inside him. The serpent says to Eve, “Elokim kept you in one of his ribs; not in his head, lest you discovered pride, nor in his heart so you would not feel the desire for power.” This statement makes you wonder does the pride and the desire for power are typically masculine? This and other dilemmas that arise throughout the narrative, the author manages to glide gracefully and elude them and not give a definitive answer to these questions.

The crucial act of the novel is the bite of the forbidden fruit, is presented with its complexity and  notices Eve in her dilemma to taste or not the fruit of knowledge, Eve one day saw in a stream, images of men and women as they multiply, signs, fluid and vivid images “The story has been told. She’d seen it. That was what she’d start if she ate the fruit. Elokim wanted her to decide whether or not everything she saw will exist. He did not want to be responsible. He wanted her to assume responsibility”

Another interesting aspect of the story is the vision of an indifferent Elokim (God / creator / judge), selfish and sometimes benevolent and cruel at the same time. A god who created universes out of boredom and then leave them forgotten. He is mentioned as a male figure who sometimes acts impulsively, shows anger, vain and eager to show his power: “When in anger he does things that he then forgets. Hopefully, when they are recalled by him, he repents and corrects them … If Elokim had not wanted them to eat the fruit, would not have given them freedom. Who dared to challenge him, however, this hurts his pride “

I hope you liked the review and were especially intrigued to read this beautiful novel. I assure you will not regret it.