Windows 10

As we all know Windows 10 was released on July 29 and this operating system has given a lot to talk about. A lot of doubts and questions for those that haven’t made the upgrade include Is this OS user friendly? Is it more secure? Is it more productive? Well, there’s no other option but to try it out. Without a doubt, users who still reject W8 interface will feel more comfortable with the return of the menu, although it’s not the same on Windows 7 but it’s a similar design. 

Microsoft claims that this new version is more secure with the integration of different services such as Defender, Smart Screen and also Windows Hello. Recently, an article appeared in which, the software giant issued a reward to the person whoever identified or found any security “bugs”, attempting to empower Windows 10, currently is installed in more than 75 million devices.

Something curious was mentioned by Microsoft about Windows 10 and that is that this will be the last operating system because in the future this will function as a service. You can see on their website that the main support for Windows 10 will end on 13 October 2020, while their extended support will end on October 14th 2025.