Our Professionals

Kim Quezada professionals

At Kim Quezada® is made of entusiastic professionals, commited with an excelent service. All of our team is involved in a continous technical training that a global business enviorment expects, atending our border region needs and characteristics where the economic activity is deeply related to international transactions.

Our leaders –highly recognized on the business and profesional comunty- are always available and keep a keen eye on the services they provide to each of our clients, assuring their peace of mind.

Currently our organization is conformed by an average of 60 proffesionals incorporated on the following departments:

  • Tax: 24
  • Audit: 15
  • Legal: 4
  • Transfer pricing: 3
  • Social security: 3
  • Binacional Services: 6
  • Trainging and marketing: 2
  • Services and administration: 6
  • Bookkeeping Services: 4