Binational Services

Due to the strong US – Mexico business dynamics, the strategic location of our offices, being in Tijuana at the border with San Diego, have enabled us to specialize in providing consulting services to US entrepreneurs that decide to invest in Mexico.

We provide comprehensive consulting, measuring the fiscal impact in a global manner by helping in the application of treaties to avoid double taxation, as well as other general rulings. We have experience in managing Us corporations and also work together with US lawyers to provide joint solutions for our clients strategies.

We clearly comprehend the local effects that any investment in Mexico will create as well, in a second stage, the fiscal impact this will cause in the USA side of things. We have the experience to provide you with consultation services in this types of situations.

Our Office in San Diego, Ca. specializes in bookkeeping for medium and small businesses as well as the preparation and payments of US taxes. This office gives us the convenience of having meetings with our clients both in the US and Mexico.

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