Legal Services

The importance of complying with regulations secures the success of any company in its relations with its clients, suppliers, the government and more importantly its members.

Kim Quezada® knows the needs of its clients and its legal department has corporate law and fiscal specialists that bring peace of mind and assure an integral solution for their needs.

In every legal advisory (in conjunction with the tax department) all possible fiscal effects of our clients operations are analyzed, being this one of our added benefits, because knowing that their lawyer reviews the fiscal consequences of the companies acts brings assurance to the transactions and peace of mind.

The services our firm provides are as follows:

  • Tax and fines defense
  • Denial of tax returns and offsets litigation
  • Response to fiscal consultations
  • Legal Shelter against laws
  • Corporations and branch constitution, preparation and modification of statutes
  • Corporate upgrading, including the preparation of assembly minutes, power of attorney, and corporate ledger preservation.
  • Capital increases and decreases
  • Capital increase or reimbursements; special shares and/or stocks
  • Fusions, acquisitions and liquidations
  • Corporate government
  • Compliment on immigration obligations and foreign investment
  • Local commercial an civil agreements, such as buy and sale, leasing, commercial commission, services, labor and rights reassignment
  • International commerce agreements, buy and sale, distribution, transportation, rights reassignment and arbitration agreements.
  • Early strategic advisory and trademark registration, commercial names, commercial notices, copyrights
  • Local and international agreements regarding industrial properties, such as, exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, Permanent and non-permanent rights reassignment, franchises and related documents, confidentiality agreements, technical assistance and know how.
  • Purchase and sale of land
  • Fiscal and corporate schemes
  • Credit agreements
  • Business or administration trusts
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